Turboslim cream night 100 ml

For intensive reduction of body fat and cellulite
2159 руб

Innovative product based on herbal extracts with the addition of aminophylline and hyaluronic acid for intensive reduction of body fat and cellulite.
Are you satisfied with your figure?

Most women will say no.

Waist, abdomen and thighs are eternal problems on the way to the perfect figure. Fat deposits and cellulite in the first place tend to settle here.

The action Turboslim night cream based on aminophylline is directed at the struggle with cellulite and subcutaneous fat deposits in General.

Aminophylline causes local heating of fat tissues, "melts" fat cells, thereby reducing fat deposits and cellulite. Enhance the effect of helping extracts of medicinal plants. The active components of the cream help to eliminate swelling and stagnation, as increased blood circulation, starts drainage of tissues and excess fluid is removed from them. The lifting effect preserves the elasticity of the skin, which is especially important in case of sharp weight loss.

Due to the large number of fat-burning components in the cream Turboslim Night helps to productively use sleep time for active weight loss and figure correction. It contributes to:

The acceleration of the processes of the night slimming;

Burning of subcutaneous fat;

Improve skin tone and elasticity.
And for intensive reduction of fat deposits and cellulite day use cream Turboslim day.

Lose weight effectively with diet pills!One

The line for weight loss "Turboslim" expands your opportunities in fight against excess weight! Line supplements can be used both individually and comprehensively, because they perfectly complement each other! With the action of other dietary SUPPLEMENTS series "Turboslim" you can find in the article: What to do if excess weight does not melt even from diets?
Produced by Evalar: favorable price2, high quality according to GMP3 standard

Water, soybean oil, caffeine, glycerin, ethyl alcohol, aminophylline, L-carnitine, TERA-ACTIVE (complex of nicotinic acid and its salt), hyaluronic acid, D-panthenol, vitamin E, extract of fucus bubbly, extract of needle spiked, triethanolamine, carbopol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, aromatic composition.

How to use the Cream is applied to problem areas of the skin with intense massaging movements in the evening.
Form release

A volume of 100 ml
GOST 31460-2012
Shelf life 2 years
Storage conditions Store at a temperature not lower than 0 °C and not higher than 25 °C.
Tool No. 1 slimming in Russia.Four

The effectiveness of weight loss when taking Turboslim funds is confirmed only by taking into account the following requirements: strict compliance with the recommendations on the use of drugs Turboslim specified in the instructions, the combination of taking drugs Turboslim with regular exercise, as well as restrictions in the diet.
The definition of "best price" was made on the basis of a comparative analysis of the weighted average price of Turboslim compared to the weighted average prices of other brands to correct the weight in the portfolio of Evalar. As the second and only brand for weight correction in Evalar's portfolio the brand of dietary SUPPLEMENTS for weight correction "Tropicana slim"was considered.
GMP certificate no. C0170889 - 03, NSF International (USA).