Фитосанитарная сила российских трав № 4 "для нормализации давления", 20 Ф/

Травяной чай нормализует артериальное давление, улучшает кровообращение, регулирует липидный обмен, нормализует свертываемость крови, препятствует возникновению гипертонических кризов.
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PHYTO FORCE Russian herbs No. 4 "For normalizing the pressure", 20 F/



the fruits of cinnamon rose;
the roots and rhizomes of Valerian;
grass shepherd's purse;
motherwort herb;
this herb;
horsetail grass;
the leaves of the wild strawberry;
nettle leaves;
stevia leaves;
herb yarrow.


Herbal tea normalizes blood pressure, improves blood circulation, regulates lipid metabolism, normalizes blood clotting, prevents the occurrence of hypertensive crises.
The influence of the composition due to the unique relationship of parts, the amount of non-essential energy accord, which neutralizes the cause of hypertension.
Restoration of normal energy characteristics of organism is accompanied with elimination of pathological processes that trigger high blood pressure.

Recommendations for use

Recommended as a biologically active food Supplement, a source of flavonoids (including hyperoside and avicularin) containing essential oil.

Method of preparation: 1 filter pack pour one Cup (200 ml) of boiling water and infuse 15 min for Adults, take 1 Cup of infusion 2 times a day during meals. Course duration: 1 month.
Herbal tea "Force Russian herbs" No. 4 is included in diet menu conductive to the prevention and cure of human diseases associated with hypertension: hypertension, atherosclerosis, correlation of the aorta, chronic pulmonary heart, inflammation of the kidneys, renal artery stenosis, the violence of water-salt metabolism, obesity.


Individual intolerance of components, pregnancy and breast-feeding. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor.

The power of Russian herbs №4 "For normalizing the pressure," the 20 f/Pak