Api-San Hepatovet for dogs 50 ml

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Recovery of animal liver cells. Normalization of the level of ammonia, reduction of intoxication in the body. Favorable price in comparison with the analogues offered in the Russian market.

1259 руб

Api-San Hepatovet for dogs 50 ml

Hepatovet - a drug for the treatment of liver diseases.
The drug is administered to dogs and cats orally, individually with a small amount of feed, or injected by force with a syringe dispenser 2 to 3 times a day for 3 to 5 weeks.
The active substances of the Hepatitis drug include: Essential phospholipids - 60 mg / ml, Methionine - 100 mg / ml, L-ornithine - 50 mg / ml, Milk thistle extract - 15 mg / ml, Herbs Immortelle extract - 15 mg / ml, excipients up to 1 ml.

Important to remember:
Do not use the drug with individual sensitivity to the components of the drug, hepatic encephalopathy and epilepsy.


Before use, consult a specialist!